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Andrei N.
Freelance Swift App Developer |

13 years experience

Freelance Swift App Developer

13 years experience

Lodz, Poland

Passionate iOS developer. Building native and hybrid apps for iPhone since 2013. Programming since 2009. Launched 15+ mobile products. Worked as a single developer as well as team leader. Set up projects from scratch to delivery to support.

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Google Analytics
Mobile App Developer
Tech Lead
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Andrei H.
Freelance Swift App Developer |

10 years experience

Freelance Swift App Developer

10 years experience


Technical Product Manager, Web 3 enthusiast & entrepreneur. I started as a mobile app developer 11 years ago. Last 4 years I worked in Co-Founder/CPO/CTO roles. To date, I’ve launched over 20 mobile products. Let’s talk!

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Design patterns
Liquidity pools
LP Tokens
Smart Contracts
Transaction Blocks
Unit testing
Mobile App Developer
Product Manager
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Robin Schoss

CEO & Founder at MyMUN

Expert Remote developers are superb — depending on which talents they assign to you, you can expect anything from solid to phenomenal work along the whole spectrum of software design, engineering, implementation and maintenance skills.

Mark Stephens

Chief Product Officer at Clickifi

Expert Remote played a huge role in building our dev squad: a part-time UI/UX designer, two front-end developers, a back-end developer, and a part-time QA. We shopped around a bit with different agencies, but settled on Expert Remote due to the high-caliber of talent and affordable rates.

Thomas Kuell

Business Director at iTicket.law

Expert Remote developers helped in developing apps, but also in talking through scope and need and giving ideas – which is very useful for a non-coder like myself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an Agency?


Well, some clients call us a virtual agency or an agency 2.0 🙂

1. Typical agencies take 50-70% from a developer salary. We take only 15-30%.

2. Agencies have 10-20 developers on their bench (available). We’ve got 500+ devs.

3. Agencies don’t allow developer buy-out. You can hire our developer in-house after 1 year for “2-month salary” fee.

Will I have a contract with a developer or with Expert Remote?

With Expert Remote.

It’s risky to have 5 contracts with 5 remote developers from 5 different countries.

You’ll have a single B2B contract with our company. So, if smth goes wrong with IP or anything, you can always sue us :)

P.S. Our company is registered in the USA and Poland.

How does the pricing work?

Each developer has their own hourly rate with our commission already included.

We take between 15% and 30% from what you pay, which is 2-3x lower than typical agency fees.

No setup fees. You only pay after you hire a developer.

2-week paid trial. If you don’t like our developer after 2 weeks, we’ll apply a 25% discount on the hours worked.

1-week notice. You can ask for a replacement or cancel the contract within a week.

Which countries are your developers located in?

We source developers across 30+ countries.

Most popular countries: Armenia, Georgia, Poland, Serbia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Turkey, North Macedonia, Romania.

We also got developers in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Estonia, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Pakistan, India, Kenya, Nigeria, etc.

What are your average rates?

Rates start from $20/h. The median average is $35-40/h.

There’s always top 10% percentile candidates who are overpriced, and bottom 10% percentile underpriced ;) But most fall into the market rate category.

The beauty of global sourcing is tapping into unknown regions. Have you heard of North Macedonia? You can find senior developers for $25/h (our fee included)!

How do you ensure developer quality?

We source developers with marketing, which is 20-30x more effective than Linkedin. This creates us a huge flood of candidates.

Then we take this top of the funnel and feed it into our proprietary vetting process. Only top 1% of candidates make it through.

Part of the process is automated, which allows us to do it at scale. For instance, our recruiters have their calendars fully booked and able to conduct 200-250 soft-skill interviews a month.

What tech stacks do you have?

We have developers across all major stacks.

Back-end: Node.js, PHP, Python, JAVA, .NET, Ruby, GoLang etc.

Front-end: React, Angular, Vue.js, etc.

Mobile: Swift, Kotlin, React native, Flutter, etc.

AI/ML/Data Science is a big stream for us: machine learning, deep learning, NLP, computer vision, etc. Technologies: TensorFlow, PyTorch, Terraform, Pandas, AzureML, OpenCV, etc.

Can I hire the whole team?


Apart from developers we’ve got UI/UX designers, QAs, Product Managers, etc.

Based on your requirements we can assemble the whole engineering team.

Why Hire Swift Developers? Objective-C Interoperability Automatic Reference Counting for Effective Memory Management Powerful Generics  Dynamic Libraries Support What Projects Should You Hire Swift Developers For? Swift Developer Job Description Hiring Swift Developers: How to Do It Right  Swift Developer Job Interview
September 18, 2023

12 min read

Why Hire Swift Developers? Objective-C Interoperability Automatic Reference Counting for Effective Memory Management Powerful Generics  Dynamic Libraries Support What Projects Should You Hire Swift Developers For? Swift Developer Job Description Hiring Swift Developers: How to Do It Right  Swift Developer Job Interview

Hire Swift App Developers

Egor Kaleynik

Content Marketer

Swift is an Apple-developed programming language that became popular in 2015. It is open-source and compatible with popular cross-platform frameworks, which makes it excellent for developing mobile applications. Products based on Swift are fast, fault-tolerant, and secure. 

The Swift language is easy to learn and work with. According to statistics, 63.56% of developers like Swift as opposed to 36.44% who find it intimidating. It is currently the 8th most popular programming language after Rust, Python, and TypeScript, and ahead of C#, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS.

More and more iOS app developers are choosing Swift. There are currently 2.2 million apps, partly written in Swift, available for download in the Apple App Store. These include Airbnb, Facebook, LinkedIn, Lyft, Slack, and Uber.

To create a feature-packed, high-performance application, you need to hire Swift app developer with the appropriate competencies. Remote Swift developers are the best option, as they will develop your iOS app cost-efficiently. Our pool of specialists includes top Swift developers, engineers, architects, and consultants.

Why Hire Swift Developers?

Swift is the best mobile app development solution for Apple products. Since the release of Swift 2 with fixes and updates, it has become a strong competitor in the programming language market for mobile app solutions. Over the years, it has become the number one language for macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and iOS development.

The clean and simple syntax minimizes errors and makes it suitable for a variety of uses. You can hire Swift developers to create a comprehensive user experience with minimal memory usage.

For Swift to seamlessly integrate into the Apple Ecosystem, Apple has created a free curriculum for training Swift developers. A handy app for the iPad, Swift Playgrounds, allows novice programmers to explore the functionality of the language in an interactive and fun way. 

Swifts advantages include the simplicity of code, compatibility with other programming languages, ease of making updates, and dynamic libraries — and this is not a complete list, which we will consider below.

Objective-C Interoperability

Swift was created by Apple developers as a replacement for all C-based languages, including Objective-C. Swift’s compatibility with Objective-C provides great opportunities for applications written in legacy code. As a result, applications written in Objective-C can be upgraded with Swift.

When you Hire Swift developers to work on your app written in Objective-C, you can expect to receive improved performance, increased speed, and enhanced functionality. And this, in turn, will affect the popularity and monetization of your services.

Automatic Reference Counting for Effective Memory Management

Automatic reference counting (ARC) is used to handle memory usage in an application. When a developer creates a new instance of a class, ARC automatically assigns some memory to store information about that instance. This means that the Swift developer does not need to manage memory manually. In addition, unused code snippets are removed from the repository. This significantly reduces the weight of the mobile app and improves its performance.

At the same time, ARC technology will not delete an instance as long as there is at least one active link to it. 

However, a Swift developer is still required to control and monitor this feature. Therefore, choosing competent software engineers to develop your iOS app is essential.

Powerful Generics 

Generic code is one of the most popular features amung Swift developers. Generics are reusable pieces of code that can be used with any type of data according to the given parameters. Code reusability allows Swift developers to quickly implement even the most complex startup features. Moreover, generics help find and eliminate errors in code faster. 

It is important to hire a Swift developer who is familiar with generics as it will make your mobile app or web solution flexible and adaptable to any business task.


Dynamic Libraries Support

Versions of Swift are constantly updated to meet new user needs. Dynamic libraries help link the latest version of an application to the previous ones. The code for the new version is loaded into the app’s memory. This reduces the initial size of the Swift application and improves its overall performance. It also makes it possible for you to hire Swift developers at any stage of project development. 

What Projects Should You Hire Swift Developers For? 

Swift works best with Apple products. It is the obvious choice for software development for MacBook, Apple iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

iPhone/iPad Apps. An iPhone or iPad app can be built in Swift up to three times faster than in other languages. Swift code is cleaner, and the quick and easy debugging process improves performance. 

macOS Desktop Apps. The intuitive and open-source Swift language makes product development for macOS Desktop Apps flexible and fast. It gives developers the freedom to implement technical ideas. Moreover, Swift developers can write safer and more reliable code, save time, and create even more powerful applications. 

Apple Watch Development. In order for a smart watch to interact correctly with the iPhone, read and display biometric data, and maintain a Bluetooth connection without failure, a flexible programming language is needed. Swift is such a language. It helps make changes to applications according to the requirements of the rapidly changing market.


AppleTV Development. A Swift developer can create a powerful application for watching videos in 4K resolution and playing video games. With Swift, a developer can create games, utility apps, media apps, and more using the same methods and platforms as iOS. 

Using Swift is not limited to developing applications for Apple products. It is a universal programming language. Since the release of version 2.2 in 2016, Swift has been able to run on the Linux operating system. With the release of version 5.3 in 2020, Swift is available for Windows. Hiring Swift developers will mean acquiring universal specialists that can create a myriad of products for different operating systems. 

Swift Developer Job Description

A Swift developer is an IT specialist who creates software for iOS and macOS devices: iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iWatch, etc. The responsibilities of a Swift developer are:

  • Building iOS and macOS applications using the Swift programming language
  • Continuous work on the performance and usability of the applications
  • Testing the application at all stages of software development, identifying and fixing bugs
  • Working with the team on incorporating new features into the apps
  • Creating updates and fitting them into the existing structure
  • Writing technical documentation for other programmers and users

Depending on the complexity of the project, it may have 1 to 5 IT Swift developers working on it.

Hiring Swift Developers: How to Do It Right 

Swift developers for hire must know the basic syntax of the language, the principles of object-oriented programming, and the XCode development environment. Among the tools a Swift developer must know how to use are the Cocoa Touch frameworks, UIKit or SwiftUI frameworks, architectural patterns of MVC, MVP, MVVM, the Git version control system, and the GitHub service.

Swift Developer Job Interview

The skills of a macOS or iOS developer are best evidenced by successfully implemented cases. When reviewing the portfolio of applications built by a Swift developer, pay attention to the following: 

  • How responsive and modern is the interface? 
  • What tech stack is involved? 
  • What is the response speed? 
  • How professional was the work with media, video, and sound? 
  • Is the application configured for multithreading? 

Today you can hire Swift app developers in 48 hours. But it is very important to pay attention to their professional qualities. To choose the perfect developer, it is also important to learn about the person’s work experience and particular projects they’ve worked on.


The ideal job interview for freelance Swift developers should not last more than 30 minutes. That is why it is important to prepare questions in advance and build a dialogue correctly. It is also advisable to create an atmosphere of trust during an interview with a freelance Swift developer candidate.

What to Ask a Junior Swift Developer

A junior Swift developer is a beginner with at least six months of experience. They are a graduate of a university or online courses, work under the guidance of a mentor, and solve only simple or typical problems. 

Questions you can ask the applicant for this position (and typical answers to expect from them):

How are static typing and dynamic typing different?Static typing gives you compiler errors, while dynamic typing allows the code to compile even if there are errors because it type-checks at runtime.
What are the types of data structures for memory allocation?Heap memory and stack memory.
What is a singleton?It is a pattern that allows you to use just one instance for one class.
What to Ask a Mid-level Swift Developer

A mid-level developer is a specialist with at least two or three years of experience. They have several large projects in their portfolio, and can independently create any app using the syntax of the language. The best developer must be able to write code in Swift and make changes, according to the test task. Questions you can ask them:

How are functions and methods different in Swift?A function is a specific piece of code that performs a task. A method is a function that is associated with a certain type.
Is a set faster than an array?Yes, because you can directly search for a certain value in a set, while in an array, you need to iterate through values.
What is MVC?Model View Controller. It is a software design pattern used mostly for user interfaces, data and controlling logic. 
What to Ask a Senior Swift Developer

A senior Swift developer is a professional with more than five years of software development experience. This person is usually not only a senior technical specialist but also works as a project manager. A senior-level Swift developer distributes tasks between performers, makes the final code review, and is responsible for the final result. The candidate’s competence can be tested by asking a few clarifying questions:

What is the main difference between KVO and delegation?KVO allows one object to spread a message to many other objects. Delegation implies that one object launches the delegate protocol and another one sends messages to it.
What are the most popular design patterns used in developing iOS apps?Observer, Singleton, Delegate, MVC.
What are the best UI layout options in iOS development?AutoLayout and SwiftUI.

The interview is an important part of the hiring process for a Swift iOS developer. The most important thing is that a Swift developer should be able to put theoretical knowledge to practice.

Typical Salaries of Swift Developers

Swift programmers are in high demand in the labor market. Swift Developer hourly rates globally range from $35 to $150 per hour.. Many factors influence the iOS Swift developer rate. These include:

– Education and qualifications

– Additional training

– Related professional skills

– Professional experience

– Location

If you are interested in a Swift developer for hire, reach out to Expert Remote online and we schedule 2-3 interviews the next day. Don’t waste time searching — we have already sourced and vetted thousands of Swift developers for you and picked the top 1%.