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Robin Schoss

CEO & Founder at MyMUN

Expert Remote developers are superb — depending on which talents they assign to you, you can expect anything from solid to phenomenal work along the whole spectrum of software design, engineering, implementation and maintenance skills.

Mark Stephens

Chief Product Officer at Clickifi

Expert Remote played a huge role in building our dev squad: a part-time UI/UX designer, two front-end developers, a back-end developer, and a part-time QA. We shopped around a bit with different agencies, but settled on Expert Remote due to the high-caliber of talent and affordable rates.

Thomas Kuell

Business Director at iTicket.law

Expert Remote developers helped in developing apps, but also in talking through scope and need and giving ideas – which is very useful for a non-coder like myself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an Agency?


Well, some clients call us a virtual agency or an agency 2.0 🙂

1. Typical agencies take 50-70% from a developer salary. We take only 15-30%.

2. Agencies have 10-20 developers on their bench (available). We’ve got 500+ devs.

3. Agencies don’t allow developer buy-out. You can hire our developer in-house after 1 year for “2-month salary” fee.

Will I have a contract with a developer or with Expert Remote?

With Expert Remote.

It’s risky to have 5 contracts with 5 remote developers from 5 different countries.

You’ll have a single B2B contract with our company. So, if smth goes wrong with IP or anything, you can always sue us :)

P.S. Our company is registered in the USA and Poland.

How does the pricing work?

Each developer has their own hourly rate with our commission already included.

We take between 15% and 30% from what you pay, which is 2-3x lower than typical agency fees.

No setup fees. You only pay after you hire a developer.

2-week paid trial. If you don’t like our developer after 2 weeks, we’ll apply a 25% discount on the hours worked.

1-week notice. You can ask for a replacement or cancel the contract within a week.

Which countries are your developers located in?

We source developers across 30+ countries.

Most popular countries: Armenia, Georgia, Poland, Serbia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Turkey, North Macedonia, Romania.

We also got developers in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Estonia, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Pakistan, India, Kenya, Nigeria, etc.

What are your average rates?

Rates start from $20/h. The median average is $35-40/h.

There’s always top 10% percentile candidates who are overpriced, and bottom 10% percentile underpriced ;) But most fall into the market rate category.

The beauty of global sourcing is tapping into unknown regions. Have you heard of North Macedonia? You can find senior developers for $25/h (our fee included)!

How do you ensure developer quality?

We source developers with marketing, which is 20-30x more effective than Linkedin. This creates us a huge flood of candidates.

Then we take this top of the funnel and feed it into our proprietary vetting process. Only top 1% of candidates make it through.

Part of the process is automated, which allows us to do it at scale. For instance, our recruiters have their calendars fully booked and able to conduct 200-250 soft-skill interviews a month.

What tech stacks do you have?

We have developers across all major stacks.

Back-end: Node.js, PHP, Python, JAVA, .NET, Ruby, GoLang etc.

Front-end: React, Angular, Vue.js, etc.

Mobile: Swift, Kotlin, React native, Flutter, etc.

AI/ML/Data Science is a big stream for us: machine learning, deep learning, NLP, computer vision, etc. Technologies: TensorFlow, PyTorch, Terraform, Pandas, AzureML, OpenCV, etc.

Can I hire the whole team?


Apart from developers we’ve got UI/UX designers, QAs, Product Managers, etc.

Based on your requirements we can assemble the whole engineering team.

What Is Laravel and What Are Its Benefits? How Different Projects Will Benefit From Laravel How to Hire a Laravel Developer Main Duties of a Laravel Developer What to Check When Looking for Laravel Coders Typical Salary Rates of Laravel Programmers for Hire
April 02, 2023

12 min read

What Is Laravel and What Are Its Benefits? How Different Projects Will Benefit From Laravel How to Hire a Laravel Developer Main Duties of a Laravel Developer What to Check When Looking for Laravel Coders Typical Salary Rates of Laravel Programmers for Hire

Laravel Programmers for Hire

Egor Kaleynik

Content Marketer

Laravel is a PHP framework for server-side web development, released in 2011 as a common alternative to the MVC framework, CodeIgniter. However, due to its features, by 2015 it was already nominated as the best PHP framework for commercial project development. By 2022, 25.86% of PHP developers on GitHub prefer to use Laravel as a basic tool and have already developed over 1.2 million websites using this framework, so companies that want to hire Laravel developers for their web projects can do it pretty easily — the talent pool is vast.  

So are you curious to find out if Laravel is relevant to your projectnd whether it is worth it to hire Laravel developers now? 

What Is Laravel and What Are Its Benefits? 

As we mentioned before, Laravel is quite an old framework, developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011. Obviously, Laravel wouldn’t be in such wide demand if it didn’t have substantial advantages over its more modern competitors.

We could spend hours discussing the advantages of Laravel, but it is unlikely that you have that much free time. We’ll briefly summarize the main advantages of the framework that may convince you to hire Laravel developers for your startup.

Laravel Developers Utilize the Flexibility of the Frameworks’ Modular Structure

A wide range of integrated libraries and the ability to use third-party libraries is a substantial advantage of the framework. Laravel developers have a lot of ready-made packages for various tasks, which increase flexibility and speed of development. 

Laravel also has a modular structure, which makes it easy to structure code and quickly load and unload libraries into the project via Composer, a tool for dependency management within PHP.

Laravel Developrs Enable Advanced Security of Your Web App 

Cybercrimes rose 600% since the COVID-19 pandemic, and startups are often a major goal for hackers, especially those that work with sensitive data, and those that operate within financial and health industries. 

Laravel prevents any possibility of the most common cyber attacks, including SQL code injection, JavaScript injection, and CSRF attacks. So, when you hire an expert Laravel developer, they can protect your web application from all these risks. It’s vital, as businesses lose millions because of a lack of protection from cybercrimes, and insurers — at least in the USA — are massively backing out of supporting such cases. 

Laravel Programmers Make Use of Seamless Third-Party Integration 

Laravel PHP framework already has a lot of built-in libraries and it can connect to third-party libraries and third-party APIs with the software they’re building. That is very useful if you want your web applications to connect to databases in public access and services like Twitter, Jira, etc. 

Almost every resource requires the introduction of third-party services, such as payment systems like PayPal, third-party chats or even social media feeds. Third-party API integration, you can save a lot of effort. That will significantly reduce the development cost and that free time can be used for more thorough testing, market research, marketing, and so on.  

Advanced Tools for Testing is One of the Pillars of Laravel Programming

The coding process itself takes up a smaller part of app development: about 60% of the process is debugging, testing, and patching. Laravel framework simplifies programmers’ life here as well. The framework has a feature for automated unit testing, PHPUnit. Besides unit tests, there are functional tests, which test a Laravel application from the user side by emulating user actions, like filling and submitting forms, clicking on links, etc. Laravel can also connect to frameworks for automated testing like CircleCI

Automated testing and in-framework testing cut time-to-market and financial expenses, especially if you hire Laravel developers who are used to working within CI/CD. 

Laravel Coders Make Website Maintenance Easy 

We already know that by using Laravel you significantly save time and money and improve project security and conversion rates (because if your website is secure, then Google takes note of it and boosts it up the ranks). Another important benefit of the framework is the simplicity of post-release project maintenance. Due to the strict adherence to the principles of MVC, Laravel achieved a clear separation between three abstract layers of the application:

  • Model
  • Controllers
  • Representation

These layers become independent of each other and can be used one without the other, avoiding chain reactions after code changes, which means bug fixes and app updates can go smoothly. Large companies benefit from this feature the most because they are constantly expanding and adding new features during web application development. It’s also vital for startups, as their web solutions have to be built for scale. 

How Different Projects Will Benefit From Laravel 

Laravel development gives your project undeniable benefits. An especially good decision would be to hire Laravel developers for a small startup, this framework has all the necessary attributes for a quick start. 

But do not think that it is not suitable for large-scale projects. Companies like New York Times, Disney, and Warner Bros. have Laravel-based websites. This confirms the flexibility of the framework. Laravel programmers for hire can meet the needs of both large-scale projects and small companies.

For small projects and early-stage startups, Laravel is the ultimate solution due to its ability to get a project up and running quickly. The PHP framework saves a lot of time due to the convenient modular structure and vast built-in libraries. It also has many features that are especially beneficial for startups:

  • Laravel Socialite helps to implement login via social networks from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, GitHub, and GitLab.
  • Mail APIs Laravel tool empowered by Symfony Mailer component gives Laravel developers the ability to set up sending of customized emails to users.
  • Artisan CLI allows you to easily use automation via a command line interface, which makes it easy for a software engineer to run commands on a PHP server. 

For large-scale projects, Laravel programmers for hire bring key benefits: flexibility, simplicity of maintenance, scalability, and a large number of functions available for implementation. The framework has several features to optimize the development within such projects:

  • Redis is a database tool that can be easily integrated with Laravel-based applications that helps to minimize web apps’ cache loading time by acting as a temporary DB for up to 512 MB of cache data. 
  • Laravel Horizon allows PHP developers to manage and track queues and tasks running in your application (in particular, Redis queues).
  • Automated Testing tools that are easily connected to Laravel enable software developers to quickly test each code module and emulate page visits and on-page user actions. 

Laravel developer is a versatile specialist who has all the necessary tools to develop apps for both small and large-scale businesses. 

How to Hire a Laravel Developer 

A lot of PHP developers are working as freelancers, and finding one of them on freelance platforms would not be a problem. To hire a Laravel expert, you need to know the criteria for selecting the right candidate — and we’ll provide you with a small guideline that’ll hopefully point you in the needed direction. 

Main Duties of a Laravel Developer

As in any project within software development, the requirements of the specialist and their main duties depend on the requirements of the customer and the specifics of the web project. Duties can also differ for various categories of Laravel programmers. 

Main duties of a Laravel developer:

  • Does PHP server-side programming using Laravel framework
  • Oversees security aspects of the project and installs the app’s safeguards against hacking and data theft
  • Writes technical documentation that’s understandable and useful for other specialists
  • Does functional and performance testing
  • Scales and edits various projects based on customer feedback
  • Maintains the servers and web project as a whole. 

Further, Laravel developers’ duties may vary based on their qualifications. For example, a senior Laravel programmer will have a lot more duties than a junior or middle programmer. 

What to Check When Looking for Laravel Coders

To hire a freelance Laravel developer, you need to realize what questions to ask him during the interview and what to expect from the programmer. Don’t assume that knowing all the documentation makes a Laravel developer a genius, but don’t take it frivolously either. 

The questions below are also not the ultimate way to find out if a Laravel developer is the right fit for your business. Ask a lot about the connection between Laravel and your project: how they think the framework will benefit your product and business processes

Evaluating Junior Laravel Developers’ Competency 

Junior is a beginner Laravel developer with basic knowledge of the PHP language and basic knowledge of how to use the framework’s tools. Requirements for a junior Laravel developer:

  • Basic expertise in PHP programming and awareness of Laravel’s main principles
  • Understanding of MVC, query validation, file management, etc.
  • At least one project in the portfolio
  • At least six months of experience. 

A pet project in junior web developers’ portfolios can be accepted instead of months of working experience if it’s a well-thought app with a viable concept. 

Evaluating Middle Laravel Developers’ Competency

If you need to hire a freelance Laravel developer of the middle level — raise your expectations. Requirements for a middle Laravel developer:

  • Work experience of 2–3 years
  • Experience in large-scale projects
  • Proficiency in PHP and Laravel tools
  • Familiar with other libraries and frameworks (Symfony, Yii)
  • Works with databases (Redis, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Proficient in API development
  • Familiar with Flysystem package and can work with Amazon S3 or Rackspace Cloud Storage within Laravel
  • Knowledge of design patterns.
Evaluating Senior Laravel Developers’ Competency

Senior Laravel developers for hire are people with vast experience in the profession. It’s not enough for a senior to have perfect knowledge of PHP and Laravel. Such a specialist must have an understanding of challenges within front-end development and be able to supervise the development process as a whole. Laravel programming requirements on a senior level are:

  • 5–6 years experience
  • Excellent knowledge of PHP and Laravel
  • Strong knowledge of several backend languages
  • Ability to work with multiple frameworks
  • Knowledge of JavaScript and perhaps familiarity with JS-based frameworks like Vue.js or React.js
  • Experience with API, REST, and SOAP 
  • Experience with Laravel Forge and Laravel Vapor. 

Typical Salary Rates of Laravel Programmers for Hire

The salary of a freelance Laravel developer depends on many factors. The complexity of the project, the country of residence, and the qualifications of the Laravel developer are the main factors that affect the rate of salary. 

Let’s take a look at the average salary level of Laravel developers according to the table below (data source – ZipRecruiter platform):

RatesJunior Laravel DevelopersMiddle Laravel DevelopersSenior Laravel Developers

It is much more expensive to hire a Laravel developer with extensive experience. You need to correctly distribute tasks and hire specialists solely for the tasks of the project. To avoid starting a project with a freelance Laravel developer who will underperform, use the Expert Remote platform. 

We can help you hire middle, senior and lead level Laravel Developers quickly, easily and for reasonable rates. We source candidates globally, rigorously vet them and then match with the right vacancies. Companies save 35 hours per hire on interviews on average with Expert Remote.