We understand how hard it is to find reliable remote developers

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Alex Chepovoi
Co-founder & CEO

Comprehensive vetting is our key to quality


Thousands of devs sign up to our platform each month.

Our algorithm flags each candidate’s CV and LinkedIn for compliance with basic requirements:

– 3+ years of commercial experience
– the right tech stack
– upper-intermediate English

Soft skills check

On a 30-min call our senior recruiters do a thorough assessment of each candidate.

Main factors: clear communication, honesty about past experiences, self-sufficiency, can-do attitude, adequate expectations, etc.

On top of that, we prefer candidates who are driven by results and like to build things.

Tech skills check

For each vertical (AI/ML, front-end, back-end, mobile, etc) we have a lead developer who conducts a 2h interview.

We test computer science, problem solving, system design, and frameworks knowledge. With live coding challenge at the end.

We also review candidate’s source code examples.

Final verification

Last, we ask each candidate for references, verify documents, conduct a background check and sign the contract.

The developer becomes available for search on our platfrom.

How we source developers

20% of our developers come through referrals. The best way to find great talents is to ask already vetted talents for a recommendation.

80% of our developers come through marketing. Sourcing across 30+ countries allows us to find the best talents for the best price.

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Alex Chepovoi
Co-Founder & CEO
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