Modern React js Development: Features and Updates 5 Main Advantages of React js Development Services Why Outsource React.js Development to Expert Remote Expert Remote’s Proficiency in React.js Programming What Projects Are Best Done with React.js FAQ
March 17, 2023

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Modern React js Development: Features and Updates 5 Main Advantages of React js Development Services Why Outsource React.js Development to Expert Remote Expert Remote’s Proficiency in React.js Programming What Projects Are Best Done with React.js FAQ

Expertise And Flexibility: Outsourcing React.js Development For Your Business

Egor Kaleynik

Content Marketer

Did you know that over 42% of developers globally prefer React.js for developing web applications and mobile apps? That’s a staggering number, considering the huge range of options available in the market. Though widely used, React js is often mistaken for a framework. 

In reality, it’s actually a powerful open-source JavaScript library that significantly simplifies front-end development and streamlines a business development strategy. Its reusability capabilities help developers quickly build rich, fluid UI components for dynamic web applications. 

React is also known for being easy to learn, so, since its release by Meta in 2013, its talent pool grew considerably. It’s relatively easy to hire React.js developers in comparison with engineers proficient in other tools for web front-end development. 

A lot of businesses outsource Reactjs development services to a third-party development company or freelancers. This article will discuss why outsourcing React.js Development is a choice so many pick, explore the advantages of React js Development, and the latest features of a library. Let’s get started!

Modern React js Development: Features and Updates

Leading companies across the world have embraced React.js development to build dynamic applications. But what sets React js apart from other JavaScript libraries and frameworks?

React js development comes with many exciting features. Examples include virtual DOM support that enables faster rendering, components-based architecture that encourages code reuse, and server-side rendering. Its modular structure and reusable components make it easier for developers to work on complex applications and maintain code. Meanwhile, its flexibility lets you create everything from simple websites to complex web applications. 

The latest version of React js has introduced several exciting features and react developer tools — let’s go through them briefly. 

New FeaturesDescription
Automatic BatchingReact groups many state updates into a single re-render through batching. Before, only updates inside React event handlers enjoyed this feature and could be coupled to improve performance. Automatic Batching has extended it to inside promises, setTimeout, and native event handlers, which means the web app, in general, will spend fewer resources on rendering while maintaining high performance. 
TransitionsReact has introduced a new concept called transitions. It distinguishes between urgent and non-urgent updates in the user interface. 
Urgent updates will apply for activities where users expect an immediate response, such as typing and clicking. Non-urgent or transition updates will occur during the transition from one user interface to another — and they will be interrupted in case an urgent update (e.g., click or press of a button) needs to be processed. That will make React app’s UX feel more organic and interactive. 
Suspense with Concurrent RenderingWith Suspense, React app determines what to render first depending on components that are changed by a user which also boosts the app’s performance. With Concurrent rendering, introduced in the recent versions of the library, instead of re-rendering the entire drop-down list when someone types into a search field, React’s DOM updates only what was changed, shows a loading message, and then shows the results of the entry. While Suspense doesn’t affect UX much, the developers’ experience is very much affected: developers can use declarative programming that’s easier to write and don’t have to track loading/error states for the entirety of the app’s components. That is especially vital for working with large-scale projects. So: these features made React more suitable for multilayered development projects with complex hierarchies and dependencies
Server Rendering APIsReact has redesigned rendering APIs for DOM that made error tracking easier and introduced Suspense to React DOM Server, another good news for apps’ performance
New HooksA set of new hooks that allow developers to reuse stateful logic between components and improve code organization. Without diving into the details, let’s just say they make writing and sustaining high code quality and building beautiful UIs easier

These new features and reusable system components have made React Js ideal for developing robust applications. Now we’ll look at the primary benefits of Reactjs development services.  

5 Main Advantages of React js Development Services

Project managers and product developers turn to React.js because of its powerful features and flexibility. Collaboration with a reliable development company or a React js developer that has extensive expertise in utilizing the library is beneficial to many startups and other businesses. 

World-famous companies have adopted React JS. These include Airbnb, Instagram, Uber, Atlassian, Netflix, Skyscanner, Codecademy, and so on. What does it mean for you? 

React JS has a proven record of its efficiency. By using it in your web development, you will leverage the availability of skilled developers and extensive documentation. With this many big companies utilizing the tool, a React js development company that has been on the market for more than a few years — as well as stand-alone engineers — would inevitably learn from software development practices these companies employed, and track their case studies and applications of a framework. That means your project will benefit from all this knowledge. 

Here are six key advantages that drive people to outsource Reactjs development.

1. Outsource React js Development to Boost Productivity for Your App Development 

React JS development itself provides a development team with tools that increase productivity. Those are, for example: 

  • Extensive opportunities for developers to reuse system components/UI elements,
  • Features for better code management practices & maintaining the stability of the project,
  • Declarative programming, which is straightforward to write and manage,
  • One-way data flow, that establishes a single source of truth in the code, ensures changes in child components can’t affect parent ones, which means it’s easier to test, debug, and maintain the codebase, 
  • Incredibly large community 

…and so on.

React apps have one of the best performance indicators among other JavaScript frameworks. Developers love it, and it makes creating web apps easy in comparison, for instance, to Angular 2+. Let’s add to that multiple business benefits of outsourcing react development: 

  • Working with an outsourcing company is a cost-effective solution for those who cannot decide on a development model. When you outsource React development services, you save costs of maintaining an in-house team, hiring process, and recruiting, — and save lots of time. 
  • While expert React js developers from an outsourcing company focus on your web app, you’ll be able to spend time doing marketing, and sales, preparing for meetings with investors and conducting them, talking to early adopters of your app, project management, and other core business activities. 
  • When you outsource React js development, you gain access to a wider talent pool and can relatively easily overcome tech skills shortage that may be persisting in your area. 

So, when you combine Reactjs development services with the outsourcing model of cooperation with developers, you’re capable of saving quite a lot of resources when building an interactive, rich application. Of course, hiring outsource react developers isn’t fool-proof, but there are strategies to lower the risks of it. At Expert Remote, we employ several of them, — we’ll discuss them later in the article. 

2. Work With Server Side and Client Side: Flexibility of Reactjs Development Services

React.js supports server-side and client-side development, so it is an excellent choice for complex web app development. This flexibility of Reactjs Development Services allows developers to produce high-performance apps. Those apps can handle heavy workloads without sacrificing user experience or speed. 

React’s client-side rendering is done by its Virtual DOM (Document Object Model) which works as an abstraction over Real DOM and makes it so the app updates only elements of the page/HTML markup that has been changed. SSR rendering is building HTML on the server React.js also allows — developers can use Node.js Streams, for instance, which allows engineers to increase the performance of the app’s first loading. 

Apart from that, React js developers work in a versatile and customizable environment. A Reactjs development company would be great for building dynamic web applications for businesses of all sizes. 

3. Ensure a Quick Launch of Your Project with a React js Development Company

Despite being a library, React.js is often better for prototyping than tools for visualization. Using it for that job reduces general development time, because a huge chunk of front-end work for the project is already done (or planned out on a high level by a designer or a project manager) by the time full-blown development begins. 

React js, for instance, allows startup developers to plan out data flows throughout the app easier, which is vital when they want to develop MVPs with non-linear user journeys and multiple actions they can choose from any point within the app. 


Developer tools like Create React App and Framer handle behind-the-scenes complexities of UI prototyping that are unnecessary to go through in the first stages of development. Other 3rd-party instruments help with styling, CSS, and data flows, and others help accelerate & simplify prototyping as well. 

Prototyping is crucial for startups, because, to make sure they’re building what users need, they have to show it as quickly as possible to those users. React.js might be overkill for prototyping simple solutions, but for complex apps — or apps that are supposed to extend their functionality and scale up, it’s a perfect solution. 

4. React js Development Promotes Better Ranking and Indexing

Usually, it’s difficult to make SPAs and PWAs rank well in Google, because the engine’s crawlers, despite the recent improvements, still have difficulties going through the JavaScript-rich contents of those apps. Experienced React developers or an outsourced team can still help your progressive app rank well in the search engine by: 

  • Avoiding hashed URLs, 
  • Using server-side rendering to reduce the amount of JS code that has to be rendered by the browser (usually through using Next.js or Gatsby.js frameworks for the library), 
  • Utilizing Fetch as Google for testing to see how the Google bot sees your SPAs/PWAs,
  • Instructing the app to do async calls only after the components are rendered. 

In conclusion, even though building SEO-friendly progressive apps is hard, it’s possible with React.js and its extensive tech stack. 

5. Fast Debugging in React js Development Increases Product Quality 

React js developers use a lot of tools for debugging and testing React.js apps. For starters, there’s an extension for Chrome and Firefox, called React Dev Tools, that allow for a thorough inspection of nested hierarchies within the DOM component tree; separate components’ state, props, context, rendering conditions; Hooks, and so on. Other tools like React Sight and Reselect dev tools help visualize states and props of tree views and caching layers, so engineers make more sense of how the web app is working. 


The extensive range of tools — and additional React.js frameworks that have their own debugging capabilities — ensure that software developers are enabled to maintain the high quality of the code and refine the web app’s rendering fast. So: another huge plus for startup owners that wish to introduce the library into their development process. 

Why Outsource React.js Development to Expert Remote

We’ve discussed the benefits of development outsourcing, but it’s also full of risks: of hiring the wrong person, spending too much money on finding a fitting 3rd-party react js development company instead of focusing on core business issues, buying equipment for remote workers, and so on. We help you avoid all that. 

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Expert Remote’s Proficiency in React.js Programming

At Expert Remote, we employ a distinct approach to establishing communication between our clients and professionals — React js developers in particular — that mitigates the risk people who outsource software development usually face. So, let’s discuss what we offer. 

We match you with vetted top-tier talent 

They are a team of highly skilled React programmers who specialize in creating custom web apps — for their clients. We’ve screened a lot of candidates who wished to be included in our network, and only 1% of them got on board: all of them passed meticulous interviewing with our senior React.js professionals or had a proven track record of working for world-class businesses like Google and other tech giants. 

You can use a free trial 

Expert Remote offers an 8-hour free trial for potential clients upon request. This allows you to test a developer’s core competencies to determine if they are the right fit for your development project in the working environment. If you don’t — which is rare, but it does happen — you don’t pay anything, and we work hard to match you with a more fitting React.js developer. 

You save more than with usual outsourcing 

Because we’re mostly working with Reactjs developers from Eastern Europe, our average rates for React.js senior devs are $35–$40 per hour. That allows our US-based clients to save ~50% in comparison to hiring US-based developers. Apart from that, because we’ve done the sourcing and the vetting — our clients save 40 hours on average of sourcing and vetting time per hire while hiring within days and not months.

What Projects Are Best Done with React.js

Let’s take a look at some of the best use cases for React.js development services:

  • Corporate applications: Creating corporate applications requires high scalability and flexibility, which React Js provides. Dropbox, for instance, found React development perfect for handling millions of users, reducing loading speed and size of files, quick rendering due to Virtual DOM, and so on.  Atlassian’s products utilize ReactJS, too: its declarative nature and tools for quick debugging allow the teams overseeing Jira, Confluence, and other products to maintain code consistency and reduce the number of disruptions when updating the front end. 
  • Single-page applications: React’s components library lets developers quickly create single-page and progressive web apps. Twitter and Netflix utilize the library on the front end precisely because it provides them with close control over UI elements of the page, is highly performative on the runtime, responsive, and so on. 
  • Social networks and messengers: These apps require real-time updates. In combination with Node.js on the backend, React library can provide the basis for those in the UI. We’ve already mentioned Twitter, but also, the entirety of Meta products are based on React.js.  
  • E-commerce websites: React.js is an excellent choice for building multiple projects within e-commerce because of its, again, control over the smallest UI customizations and quick rendering; those are vital for retail companies’ conversions and customer satisfaction. A lot of React.js frameworks like Next.js offer out-of-the-box toolkits for building e-commerce solutions.  

In conclusion, React.js is a powerful tool for creating interactive, user-friendly applications and websites. At Expert Remote we provide a reliable model for hiring the right developers for your company. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to employ a qualified, engaged React.js developer for your project. 


How to Choose a React js Development Company/Freelancer?

When choosing a React js development company or freelancer, it’s essential to consider their experience in your industry. Also, check the technical expertise and portfolio of the outsourcing partner. The cost of services is also important when deciding to outsource React development to a 3rd party company or freelancer. A reputable and experienced React development company or freelancer may charge more. Still, their expertise and ability to deliver high-quality projects on time let you save time and money in the long run. 

Is React JS still in demand?

It has a large and active community, and many companies continue to use it to create modern and interactive user interfaces. According to the 2022 Stack Overflow survey, React.js is the second most popular technology for web development after Node.js (that’s often combined with Node.js in a MERN stack). 

Is 1 month enough to build a React JS app? 

It’s possible for some very small apps, but when we talk about a big, complex react development project it can take months and years. A simple online retail shop/articles-only online media can be built in 100 hours by the right Reactjs development company. Prototyping can also be done relatively quickly, too — again, depending on the project’s complexity. It’s best to leave out more time for refining the app and testing it when you’re outsourcing Reactjs development services.

How much does it cost to hire a React JS developer?

In the US, the average hourly rate React developer for an in-house development team asks for is $75–$110 per hour. A dedicated team within offshore outsourcing can be hired for as little as $30–$40 per hour for one engineer. 

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How much do React freelancers make?

On average, React freelancers ask for $30 to $100 per hour. The cost can go up or down depending on the project’s requirements, the freelancer’s skill level, and their location. Outsourcing companies, in general, charge more. When hiring a freelance React js developer, remember to look over their portfolio and contact their previous clients for feedback. 

Is React js development the same as development with React Native for iOS and Android Apps?

No. React.js is a JavaScript library for creating web interfaces, while React Native is a full-fledged framework for cross-platform mobile development. React native outsourcing has a lot of benefits compared to other tools for multi-platform mobile development, such as 

  • Large community and continuous growth of the ecosystem, which means developers’ questions can be always answered, 
  • Flipper, an integrated debugging tool that allows engineers to detect errors in the code and the explanations for what went wrong quickly, 
  • Fast refresh feature that reduces compilation time and boosts developer’s productivity during UI crafting, 
  • Native APIs that help to craft beautiful iOS and Android native-like user interfaces while using the same codebase for building views,
  • Lots of pre-made components for various mobile features in RN 3rd-party libraries, like a multitude of mobile reusable UI components, maps, APIs, animations, and so on. 

Companies that delegate React.js front-end work also often outsource React Native development to build mobile apps for the same web platform.

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