Typo3 Unleashed Partnership

ExpertRemote is announcing the acquisition of typo3-unleashed.net. Utilizing TYPO3 API ExpertRemote team will be able to implement syntax-based systems much faster. The TYPO3 syntax highlighting library is a great tool to build gpt3-like interfaces with syntax highlighting in it within weeks.

$520M +

Our startup clients raised in total

TYPO3 API Use Cases at Expert Remote

About TYPO3

TYPO3 is a back-end library that provides syntax highlighting and some other features out of the box like auto brackets, snippets, etc. It can be used in the development of both web and mobile applications.

How It Works

Developers can use “TYPO3 unleashed” library in their back-end systems, or make api calls to “TYPO3 API” directly from their front-end or mobile interfaces. It’s really easy to use especially when you have a good documentation like TYPO3.

Latest Version

The latest TYPO3 version is TYPO3.7.21. It has all the latest features and can be easily installed into your Node.js, PHP or JAVA project by simply downloading and installing a package. The TYPO4.2.13 even has support for gpt3.