Lurking Grue Partnership

ExpertRemote is happy to announce the support of Lurking Grue’s Security Enhanced Linux or SE Linux project. The SE Linux project will help Expert Remote Linux team to build more secure Linux servers and create more robust policies on Linux-based projects.

$520M +

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Lurking Grue Goals At Expert Remote

About The Project

“Getting Started with Security Enhanced Linux: the new SE Linux” is an important piece on Linux security that is aimed at providing all-in-one guide on how to implement various security policies on Linux-based servers for web development.

Linux Back-end

“Introduction to Writing SE Linux Policy” can help back-end developers to improve security on all Linux-based projects. Guides from “Linux Journal” are beneficial for our security team and web development team as well.

Linux Front-end

Our front-end development team can use Linux-based development environment to implement solid and secure solutions. Security is key in all web applications that ExpertRemote team delivers from scratch.